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Friendly Business Team

Enhance your Leadership Team 
with a Fractional COO, CPO or CMO

Adding C-level product, strategy and go-to-market capabilities to your team doesn't require a major commitment of scarce budget.


A fractional executive brings leadership, new insights and experience to your company while avoiding the commitment of a staff hire. Unlike a consultant, a fractional executive has an "Owner's Mindset" as an active participant in your business.


A fractional executive can operate your product and/or go-to-market functions and elevate your team at equal or lower cost than hiring an individual contributor.

Common reasons to consider a fractional CxO

Need the help of a CPO but can't afford one?

Most early-stage software businesses start with a developer or a salesperson. The second hire is whatever the first hire isn't. Product leadership is usually deferred.

Gain insights from a product leader without allocating the full-time salary or equity stake of a full-time hire.

For engagements of 3 months or more, a 1, 2 or 3 day/week retainer maximizes the value and impact of a consulting engagement.

Board Meeting



A sound business case pre- and post

Present a well-supported growth case in your pitchbook - market drivers, product roadmap, financial expectations.


After the transaction, put the right team, tools and plans in motion to make sure the investment case gets fulfilled.

Modern Office

Fractional Chief Product Officer

An extension of your leadership team

An extension of your leadership team.


Gain a sounding board for your CEO, a mentor for your team, a spokesperson, a customer advocate, operating as part of your team.

Business Meeting

Product Management Implementation

Get your product organization going

Get your product organization going.


Start with best practices and tools, recruit the best people, and do it with a lean organizational model.

Get the most out of your roadmap.

The Future



Take guesswork out of budgeting

Take the guesswork out of budgeting through real strategic planning.

Market research, competitive analysis, product roadmap and financial modeling come together to yield clear strategic priorities and a detailed forecasting model.

Is it realistic to expect all of this through a part-time engagement?

Not ready for a fractional engagement?  Interim/Consulting Services address needs through short-term projects.

Sample Services

There's no question that a full-time C-level hire would achieve more in less time. However, that typically would require significant financial outlay for salary, bonus and benefits, as well as a commitment of equity incentives you may wish to hold in reserve.

There's also no question that retaining Steve as a fractional executive will accomplish far more, with much higher quality results, compared to a full-time hire at an equivalent dollar amount. Think of it as gaining C-level leadership horsepower for the price of a product manager or less.


Articulate a clear, compelling, inspiring North Star vision

You probably already have a good North Star vision (if you don't, Steve can help...)

But if you can't tell the story clearly enough that everyone relates to it - your company leadership, team members, investors, advisors and customers - then it can cause misalignment or, worse, could de-motivate.

Let's create a clear, relatable and inspiring articulation of your vision - one picture, one story - that all stakeholders can understand and believe in.

Mobilize your team to execute toward your North Star vision

Vision and strategy are critically important but won't succeed if they are too theoretical. Steve can build the bridge between your North Star vision and your team's execution.

A strategic framework for operation creates alignment across teams, resolves ambiguity in prioritization, creates focus and helps teams develop effective execution plans.

Set up/upgrade and operate the product management function

Your product team needs to give developers, marketers, salespeople and customer service teams what they need to do their jobs... without doing those jobs for them.

Steve can implement the organizational model, processes and tools for effective product management and help you fill roles with the right hires.

If you already have a product team, Steve provides coaching and mentoring to upgrade their skills and help them navigate their career path.

Add management bandwidth, gain a sounding board

As a fractional executive, Steve will operate as part of your team - a sounding board knowledgeable about your business, a co-presenter to your investors or board, or a company spokesperson for PR and customer communications.

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