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Green Bridge Advisors can help.
If the way forward is unclear, you don't have to go it alone.

Find your path to growth.


Green Bridge Advisors leadership has developed market growth strategies for both front and back office financial technology vendors. Market and opportunity analysis has included geographic expansion, partner and channel strategies, market segment diversification, and product value chain expansion.


Don't follow. Play to win.

Information about  your competitors enters your company breadcrumb by breadcrumb. We put it all together to give you a clear picture of their strengths, weaknesses, and activities. Find openings they can't block, and align your strategy with your own competitive strengths.


Be sure that big decision is the right one.


Our M&A assitance has led to successful acquisitions and post-acquisition business integration. We have also packaged and marketed business units for potential divestiture. Our thorough product and technical due diligence approach has given potential acquirers the information they needed to correctly assess and value target businesses.


Build a critical feedback loop to make your product better.


You need real-world insight to drive your business decisions. We have set up and run focus groups, individual end user interviews, and global client advisory group programs for multiple financial technology software vendors. Maximizing client engagement and client input not only gives you what you need to run your business, it also generates a tremendous amount of goodwill within your client base. We can put our formula to work for you.


Build teamwork and rigor to ge the right products to market, fast.


You are agile and iterative, right? Or, do you want to become agile and iterative? We've found even the most agile of companies can always use a little tune-up. And the rest are on their way there. We have run product management, development projects, quality assurance teams, and launch plans under both waterfall and iterative development methodologies. Let us assess your needs and help you improve.


Use our network to get the right people on board your winning team.


Relationships matter, especially when you are trying to locate top talent. With over 20 years at the intersection of financial services and technology, we've developed a strong network of good people. If you are looking to hire, or looking for someone to help with a short-term project, we may already know the right person. Let us put our network to work for you.


Give your market a clear message about your unique value.

Successfull selling starts with a compelling value proposition. We can craft your value proposition, and use multiple channels to get your message to market, including social media, thought leadership, website and event-based marketing.

And More...



These are just a few examples of our services.


Our experience developing strategy, entering new markets, launching new products, and building high performing teams which make products that sell mean we have perspective which can help in many parts of your financial technology practice.


If you have other thoughts about how we can help, we want to hear them.

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